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Aluminum 6061 Wheel Hub Vehicle

Aluminum wheel hub
  1. Material: Aluminum alloy 6061
  2. Size: 51.99inch x  1.99 inch  x  1.82inch
  3. Process: CNC milling
  4. Surface treatment: Sand blasted+Natural hard anodized
  5. Application fields: Automotive, Automation, Test systems, Sensors, Medical, Sports, Consumer, Home appliance, Electronic, Pumps, Computers, Power and energy, Architecture, Printing, Food, Textile machinery, Optical, Lighting, Security and safety, AOI, SMT equipment, etc

Definition of Precision CNC Turning Technology

CNC turning is a method of cutting a workpiece on a lathe using the rotation of the workpiece relative to the tool.

CNC turning is the most basic and common cutting method. Most workpieces with revolving surfaces can be machined by turning methods, such as inner and outer cylindrical surfaces, inner and outer conical surfaces, end faces, grooves, threads, and rotary forming surfaces.

Common lathes can be divided into horizontal lathes, floor lathes, vertical lathes, turret lathes, and profiling lathes, most of which are horizontal lathes.


The Advantages Of Turning

  • CNC Turning has high work efficiency
  • The use of CNC turning makes the overall machining accuracy of the part good
  • Suitable for small batch parts production

XTJ is a leading OEM Manufacturer  that is dedicated to providing one-stop manufacturing solutions of Machining 6061 Aluminum  from prototype to production. We are proud to be an ISO 9001 certified system quality management company and we are determined to create value in every customer relationship. We do that through collaboration, innovation, process improvements, and exceptional workmanship.lication: Automotive industry, Bicycle and motorcycle, Door and windows and furniture, Household appliance, Gas meter, Power tool,LED lighting, Medical instrument parts, ect.



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