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Aluminum AL7075-T6 Car Gasoline Engine Housing

Car Gasoline Engine Housing

Whether you’re looking for Custom CNC Engraved Aluminium Plates for signage, product identification, or decorative purposes, our team of skilled artisans ensures meticulous attention to detail, delivering precision CNC engraving on aluminium plates that truly sets your product apart. Imagine the impact of your custom engraved aluminium plates adorning your storefront, office space, or product packaging – a true testament to your brand’s commitment to quality and sophistication. But our expertise doesn’t stop there. We also specialize in Custom Aluminium Alloy CNC Engraving Anodized Sheets, offering a versatile solution for interior design, architectural elements, and industrial applications. Our CNC machined aluminium alloy anodized sheets can be engraved with intricate patterns, designs, or text, adding a touch of elegance and durability to any project.
At XTJ, we know the importance of customization for every client, which is why our OEM service ensures that every engraved aluminium plate and sheet is tailored to your exact requirements, from material selection to design execution. Trust us to bring your vision to life with our Custom CNC Engraving for Aluminium Alloy Sheets, delivering exceptional quality and unparalleled craftsmanship.


Aluminum AL7075-T6 Car Gasoline Engine Housing
Aluminum AL7075-T6 Car Gasoline Engine Housing

Advantages Of Aluminum AL7075-T6 Car Gasoline Engine Housing
– Highly customizable designs and patterns
– Precise and intricate engraving capabilities
– Durable and corrosion-resistant anodized aluminium alloy
– Wide range of colors and finishes available
– Fast turnaround times and efficient OEM service
– Experienced team of skilled CNC engraving experts
– Superior quality control and attention to detail

Specifications Of OEM Precision CNC Aluminum AL7075-T6 Car Gasoline Engine Housing


Process: Aluminum Die casting, Zinc Alloy die casting,CNC machining,Surface Treatment
Production Equipment: Cold chamber die casting machine:280T/360T/400T/500T/800T/1250T.
CNC Centers.
CNC Lathes.
Inspection Equipment: CMM,X-RAY
Material: Aluminum Alloy: Aluminum AL7075-T6, A319, A356, A360, A369, A380, A383, A384, A413, A535, 44300, 44300, 46000, AlSi9CU3, ADC12, ZL102, ZL104, ZL108, YL112
Zinc Alloy: Zamak 2,3,5,7 ect.
Surface: Trimming, Deburring,Polishing, Sand blasting,Vibration, Powder coating, Anodizing, Chrome
Software Assistance : Pro-e/Solid work/UG/Auto CAD


XTJ is a leading OEM Manufacturer  that is dedicated to providing one-stop manufacturing solutions of Machining 6061 Aluminum  from prototype to production. We are proud to be an ISO 9001 certified system quality management company and we are determined to create value in every customer relationship. We do that through collaboration, innovation, process improvements, and exceptional workmanship.lication: Automotive industry, Bicycle and motorcycle, Door and windows and furniture, Household appliance, Gas meter, Power tool,LED lighting, Medical instrument parts, ect.




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