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Enter Edison Machine, the Largest CNC Machine Shop Pushing the Boundaries of the Utility Industry

Aluminum or Steel Injection Mold

The efficiency and reliability of machines and utility equipment directly influences the performance and dependability of businesses in industrial sectors. To ensure that its clients face minimal or zero downtime, Edison Machine offers its services.

XTJ Machine is a CNC machine shop based in the US, boasting a comprehensive catalog comprised of control valves, turbine parts, and pumps. The company launched with a mission to elevate the performance of its clients’ businesses, offering superior quality and rapid delivery of utility accessories.

What separates Edison Machine from contemporary alternatives is the combination of state-of-the-art technologies, bleeding-edge CNC equipment, and a team of professionals expertly trained to handle even the most intricate of machining projects.

Boasting decades of combined experience in the field of repairing and manufacturing, the team at Edison Machine is uniquely poised to tackle projects most of their peers would avoid. Beyond repairing, maintaining, and manufacturing utility parts, the company also offers a broad spectrum of additional services, including reverse engineering, stellite hardfacing, weld repairing, milling, grinding, non-destructive testing, precision assembly, and more.

According to the company’s spokesperson, significant amounts of capital and time were invested into ensuring Edison Machine has the right combination of equipment and personnel to consistently deliver on the promise of quality, stating:

“Equipped with CNC machines and engineering equipment, we ensure every component is manufactured or repaired with laser-sharp precision for a superior end product. From repairing worn components that other companies deem unfixable to upgrading the material and/or design to prolong wear life, our highly skilled team uses the industry’s most advanced techniques to tackle exceedingly difficult tasks,” the company’s spokesperson said.

Unlike most CNC machining shops, Edison Machine both repairs and manufactures its own machine parts and accessories. A robust in-house inventory system paired with expert engineers capable of producing any desired turbine, control valve, or pump part in record time are the key to the Edison Machine advantage – rapid turnaround times, surgical precision, and consistent quality of products.

The company’s spokesperson continued, underscoring the importance of having a robust stock of pre-manufactured parts and the fact that it enables Edison Machine to cater to diverse needs of its clients on a moment’s notice:

“At Edison Machine, we believe downtime can be your downfall. Our team is committed to restoring your facility’s operation as quickly as possible. That’s why, over the years, we have amassed an extensive inventory of new authentic control valves and turbine components. By utilizing this in-house stock, we’re able to better accommodate our customers, delivering faster turnaround service by shipping in-stock items the same day,” Edison Machine’s spokesperson.

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