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How to Choose CNC machining Factory?


You will want to do your due diligence just like with any major decision in life. The CNC machining service needs to have an overall high level of standards and quality. They also need the proper equipment and processes in place that need to be reviewed before making any further considerations.


What does a CNC machining company do?

A CNC machining company is a business that focuses on the manufacturing of parts using CNC machines like lathes and mills. Essentially, the process is all computer controlled and therefore, it delivers precision. The preciseness of these tools when it comes to cutting a variety of materials is numerically perfect in many cases, and the ability to produce such complex shapes that may be needed can only be done by such a machine. You also have choices regarding the material, and CNC machines can work with a range of metals and plastics.

Such a highly refined piece of equipment is perfect for several sectors that would benefit from such items. CNC machining typically services the aerospace and automotive industries. They also help support industrial and medical sectors that need accurately built pieces and items.


What to look for in your CNC machining company

1. Do they have the experience?

Unlike 3D printing which anyone can operate from a push a button, CNC machinists require high skills and expertise. Having the best equipment out there without an understanding of how to use such equipment will mean a subpar product. If the items aren’t made to the right specifications, then pieces won’t function properly or may not be useable. This results in a lot of waste; worse, it means a delay in development for your team.


cnc expert running advanced prototyping machines

2. Are they reliable?

You want a company that has a proven record and testimonials that back up its work history. Do they respond quickly, and do they provide solutions to your CNC problems instead of just offering a straightforward manufacturing service? Make sure to pick up on these things in your conversations with suppliers. Reliable companies will also ensure the right quality control procedures are in place, so that the results are consistent.


3. What is the price?

Understand how much a CNC machining part should cost: complete CNC machining cost breakdown.

The consideration of price plays a crucial role in the decision-making process, so you’ll want to do a price comparison when choosing a CNC machining supplier. Choosing the lowest-cost option may sometimes result in compromises on quality, reliability, or communication. But then again, choosing a high-cost option doesn’t guarantee quality and speed either. While competitive pricing is essential, make sure to assess the overall value offered by the supplier.


How we aim to be your next CNC machining partner

At HLH Rapid, we have over 100 CNC mills and 3, 4, and 5-axis machines, countersinks, and wire EDMs to offer a complete modern solution to whatever you need us to develop for you. We also have a group of highly experienced CNC machinists and engineers on-site and 100% on-site and outgoing inspections and QC procedures in place. We stay competitive with our pricing.


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Of course, we do a full quality control inspection of every item that goes out before we ship it to you, so you’re getting what you expect the first time. We value our customer’s time as well as our reputation, so we take this point quite seriously and will communicate with you if there’s ever a major issue to be resolved.

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