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Various Kind of Options Available
Production Level Surface Finishing
For Both Metal and Plastic Parts

Surface Finishing

Surface finishing refers to different processes used to alter the surface of a manufactured product to give it a distinct or desired look and feel. Different techniques are used to improve the appearance, adherence, solderability, resistance to corrosion, hardness, conductivity and many other characteristics of industrial components.

XTJ offers a high quality surface finishing service for all components and parts regardless of the machining method used in producing them. We have some skilled experts who only handle finishing assignments so the quality of work done on your products is of exceptional quality. If you desire a perfect finish for your prototypes and other manufactured components get in touch with our customer services team for a quick and accurate quotation.

What you can get from us?

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High gloss polishing

Sanding & polishing is one of the most common finish for prototyping. Sanding is very basic process to remove cutting marks or the printing marks, in order to get smooth surface. Get ready for further finish such as sandblasted, painted, chromed…

Started from rough sand paper, when you reach 2000 sand paper the part surface are smooth enough for high gloss polishing to obtain shiny surface or mirror look, transparent such as light guide, lens



Painting is a very flexible way to create a different surface appearance.
We can achieve: 

  • Matt
  • Satin
  • High Gloss
  • Texture (spanght & Heavy)
  • Soft Touch ( Rubber spanke)
PMMA Tinted


  • Tinted is another option to color plastic prototypes besides painting. It is a good solution for turn signal, tail lamp.

Material suit for tinted:




cnc finishes 1


The most popular way to create a decent surface for electronic products. Apple almost uses anodized for all their products.

We are offering:
Anodized Type 1

Anodized Type 2

Anodized Type 3

Chemical Film/Alodine

zinc color plating

Chromed & Metallizing

This type of finish is only created protect layer, but also a super look.

  • Chromed
  • Metal spanzing
  • ChromeSputter
  • Color Plating
  • Zinc Plating
  • Tinning    

Logo & Symbol

There are various ways to create a logo, symbol, and text on your prototypes or production parts.

We can offer:

  Pad Printing

   Rub on

   Laser Engraving

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