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Tesla Model S Centre Console By 3D Printing


Tesla Model S Centre Console Case Study

Tesla Model S Centre Console Case Study

Project Name: Centre Console for Tesla Model S

Project Requirement: One integrated piece Unite

Material: 14120 Resin ,ABS




Xin Tian Jian Precision Mfg was given the task to manufacture the Centre Console for Tesla model s by Tesla back in 2019.


IMG 0956

Therefore, we have used the domestically made SLA machine with a maximum integrated 3D printing size of 1700*800*800mm to solve the issue. In regards to the issue of resin material may be misshaped during the shipping., our engineer came up with an idea of Contoured foam, processed it with CNC machining. Secure the contoured foam with the console in the wooden box to ship them. It has successfully arrived at the destination without any damage.


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