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Trusted CNC Brass Parts Supplier In China

XTJ is a reputable and trusted custom CNC brass parts supplier in China.

Strict quality control, precise CNC brass parts machining, low MOQ, and short lead time make XTJ No.1 in the industry.

With decades of experience, we accurately handle all your custom CNC milling, drilling, and turning brass parts.

For All Your Custom CNC Brass Parts In Industrial And Domestic Use

With our sets of 5-axis CNC machines, XTJ handles complex designs of custom brass parts with ultra-precision.

We accept many file formats of your custom brass parts, including .dwg, .pdf, .sat, and .dxf, amongst others.

As a CNC brass parts factory with highly qualified engineers, we help with all CAD drawings. Please tell us what you want; XTJ will handle the CAD drawing.

XTJ uses a range of brass grades to match your application, including C26000, C24000, C35300, or C36000.

From CNC milling, CNC turning to CNC drilling, XTJ makes small and large CNC brass parts, including valve, gas fittings, connector, pins, and many more.

Tell us your industry, and XTJ will machine the CNC brass parts you need.

Brass Parts Maker Expert in China

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CNC Brass Parts Turning Capability

XTJ  cost-effective and precise CNC brass parts include nozzles, pipe joints, pins connectors, probes, and many more.

We maintain tight tolerances and guarantee a superior surface finish with zero defects.

XTJ, thru-feed grinding ensures burr-free surfaces. We handle a range of diameters for all cylindrical CNC brass parts.

XTJ  has an unlimited capacity for all applications, even for complex CNC brass parts.

Our CNC turning services include knurling, grooving, parting, boring, and facing.


Strict Quality Control Of XTJ CNC Brass Parts

Through XTJ’s “zero defect” policy, we adopt 3 level testing, including CNC machine tool accuracy testing, brass material testing, and CNC machining process control.

XTJ  partners with third-party inspectors, such as SGS to test brass material composition.

With XTJ strict quality control, all our CNC brass components guarantee long service life, withstand high stress, and are extremely strong.

XTJ  has a product return policy and warranty for all CNC brass parts for quality assurance.

XTJ supports OEM custom CNC brass components.





A Wide Range Of CNC Brass Components

XTJ offers unlimited options for all CNC brass parts.

Whether you need large or small CNC brass parts, XTJ handles all CNC machining brass parts, including CNC turning brass parts and CNC milling brass parts.

XTJ machines simple to complex CNC brass parts, within a tight budget and on short notice.

We offer turnkey solutions to all our clients globally, from brass fittings, brass fasteners, replacements brass parts, or any OEM CNC brass components.

Unlimited Surface Treatment For All CNC Brass Parts

Whether you want painted, polished, plated, heat-treated, or coated custom CNC brass parts, XTJ offers unlimited surface treatments.

We ensure all CNC brass parts have the best finish for aesthetics and a long service lifespan.

CNC Brass Parts With Long Service Lifespan

A sturdy construction, unmatched tensile strength, wear resistance, low friction coefficient, and heat resistance make XTJ custom CNC brass parts perfect for all applications.

All XTJ custom brass parts must pass strict quality inspection.

High Processing Accuracy Of CNC Brass Components

XTJ, custom CNC brass parts attain high accuracy and precision.

Depending on the CNC brass components you need, XTJ attains high standard dimension accuracy with – +/-0.001″ – 0.005″ tolerance.

XTJ  CNC brass parts guarantee high dimensional accuracy with zero defects.

High-Quality Brass Material For CNC Parts

XTJ uses high-quality brass depending on customer needs.

We have many brass grades, including red brass, low brass, cartridge brass, yellow brass, low-leaded brass, medium-leaded brass, free cutting, and forging brass.

XTJ  tests all material before CNC brass machining parts, for high-quality parts, with unmatched performance.

XTJ is a leading OEM Manufacturer  that is dedicated to providing one-stop manufacturing solutions of Machining Brass Parts  from prototype to production. We are proud to be an ISO 9001 certified system quality management company and we are determined to create value in every customer relationship. We do that through collaboration, innovation, process improvements, and exceptional workmanship.



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