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CNC Aerospace Parts Manufacturer

XTJ  is a trusted CNC aerospace parts manufacturer in China. We have more than 10 years of experience in providing the best CNC services for different industries.

As a professional manufacturer, XTJ is  well-equipped with complete CNC high precision machines. Rest assured that XTJ can meet all your CNC aerospace parts requirements.

Your Reliable CNC Aerospace Parts Manufacturer and Supplier

CNC machining aerospace parts is one of the crucial parts of the industry. Aircraft components must be manufactured according to the highest industry standard regardless of the aerospace project to ensure safety.

Thus, XTJ offers the best CNC machining services to produce high-quality CNC aerospace parts. With our advanced CNC machines and expert engineers, rest assured that XTJ can provide CNC aerospace parts with tight tolerances. Thus, providing robust solutions to the aerospace industry.

Aside from that, XTJ can also produce custom CNC aerospace parts to meet your specific requirements.

CNC Aerospace Parts  Expert IN CHINA

Alloy Aerospace Parts
Alloy Aerospace Parts
Aluminum Aerospace Parts
Aluminum Aerospace Parts
Auto Drone Aerospace Parts
Auto Drone Aerospace Parts


Custom High Demand Precision Aerospace Machining Parts
Custom High Demand Precision Aerospace Machining Parts


Stainless Steel Aerospace Parts
Stainless Steel Aerospace Parts

XTJ CNC Aerospace Parts Design and Materials
CNC aerospace parts are widely used for maintaining and assembling space shuttles or aircraft. These parts typically include:

And other custom parts
In order to produce the best CNC aerospace parts, we used different materials ranging from aluminum, bronze, copper, and stainless steel.

Thus, all CNC aerospace parts can function without any danger.


Importance of Precision CNC Machining for Aerospace Industry:

The aerospace industry holds stringent safety control and high parts or component production standards. Every part produced must meet the highest and tightest standards when it comes to tolerances, dimensions, and performance. Thus, precision CNC machining is used for producing the best quality aerospace parts.

In XTJ, we used state-of-the-art and high-precision CNC machines. Thus, we can produce different manufacturing capabilities such as aerospace prototypes and more. We assure you that we can provide tight tolerance up to 0.001mm. Rest assured that these parts will not fail during the flight.

CNC Aerospace Parts Fabrication:

XTJ engineers use 5-axis CNC machines for producing a wide range of complex aircraft parts and components. By using this machine, it allows us to use drilling, milling, and manipulating linear axis. For manufacturing CNC aerospace parts, our services range from injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, 3D printing, CNC machining, etc.

By using CNC machining, we can manufacture aerospace parts with sophisticated design. High-quality aerospace parts and components include landing gear, transmissions, hydraulic manifolds, and more.

XTJ CNC Aerospace Parts Capabilities

XTJ guarantees to provide you with the highest CNC aerospace parts with the specific tolerances you need. We have knowledgeable and expert engineers with years of experience handling your requirements.

In XTJ, we are willing to work with you even on the smallest details to ensure that CNC aerospace parts will suit your projects. Send us your inquiries today for your next aerospace parts CNC machining requirements.


CNC Aerospace Parts Features in XTJ

CNC Aerospace Parts Features
CNC Aerospace Parts Features


Diverse Types of CNC Aerospace Parts

XTJ CNC machining aerospace parts can provide a diverse range from simple to complex designs. By using CNC machining, small aerospace parts batch production is available for complex and modern aircraft.

Large Sizes and Thin Wall

A distinguishing feature of CNC aerospace parts is its thin wall. Thus, controlling the weight of an airplane. CNC aerospace parts for large-scale aircraft usually feature large sizes. Therefore, it is strictly monitored during the production for deformation.

Integrated Structure

By using CNC machining technology, the assembly of complex designed aerospace parts is simplified. CNC aerospace parts are also guaranteed with improved structural performance.

High-Quality Requirements

All CNC aerospace parts are strictly monitored and undergo strict quality control during the production process. Thus, ensuring fewer defects and improved performance.


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