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What is Disadvantages of 3D Printing?

3D printing

3D printing, also known as additive manufacturing (AM), has revolutionized various industries by enabling the creation of complex and customized objects. However, like any technology it also has its limitations and challenges. In this blog, we will explore three major drawbacks of 3D printing that need to be considered when utilizing this technology.


The Disadvantages of 3D Printing

1. Not As Suitable For Batch Discounts
One significant advantage of 3D printing is that it doesn’t incur additional costs with each new unit produced. This means that whether you produce one part or hundreds of parts, the cost per part remains almost the same. However, this also implies that the opportunity for batch discounts, typically offered for higher volumes, is limited or negligible in the case of additive manufacturing.


2. Limited Material Selection
Although the range of material compatible with 3D printing has expanded over the last decade, it still lags behind the wide array of material available for traditional manufacturing processes.

While 3D printing materials have made significant progress in terms of strength, flexibility, and durability, it is still unmatched to conventionally manufactured parts, limiting the range of applications.


disadvantages of 3d printing over traditional manufacturing methods

3. Plastic 3D Printing vs Metal 3D Printing
While plastic 3D printing has seen significant advancements and widespread adoption, metal 3D printing is still in a phase of development and refinement. Therefore, generalizations made about ‘3D printing’ may only partially be true for metal additive manufacturing.

Metal 3D printing is much less affordable and accessible for many businesses. Additionally, compared to plastic 3D printing, it presents more challenges in terms of post-processing and expertise requirement.

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