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Aluminum Alloy CNC Complete Upgrade Parts For RC Crawler

Mold Making

Aluminum Alloy CNC Complete Upgrade Parts For  RC Crawler

Material:6061 reinforced material
Optional Colors: Blue, Purple, Gold, Silver
Applicable For: For 1:10 RC Truck


More convenient, more complete, and more favorable upgrade package, leaving the time for the majority of model friends to choose accessories,
no longer have to worry about choosing the wrong accessories!


FOB Price:US $0.1 to US $100 Each Piece
Min.Order Quantity:1 Piece
Supply Ability:1000000 Pieces per Month
Process:CNC Machining,Turning,Milling,Grinding,Wire-Cutting etc.
Surface treatment:Anodizing,Heat treatment,Polishing,Coating,Galvanized,Laser engraving
Our Service:OEM and ODM CNC machining service.Machining-assembly

CNC Machining Service

Our CNC machining, turning, and milling processes include all types of turning, boring, broaching, and more. With our 3, 4 and 5-axis machinery, we can custom manufacture parts of the highest quality to meet your demands. Using the most technologically advanced capabilities, we can work with tolerances up to ± .0001 inches.

Applications of Brass Parts

Brass parts and components are durable, cost-efficient, and even create a tighter seal for fittings and have a high heat and corrosion resistancmethodology and application. Brass machining is used in a wide variety of industries, including medical, electrical, plumbing, and even consumer goods. Companies prefer small brass turned parts and components because it’s one of the easiest materials to machine. Brass fittings are often used in electronic hardware because of its low stregnth and weight properties and in precision engineering for manufacturing cylinder parts.

Materials Capabilities: Aluminum Alloy: 5052/6061/6063/2017/7075 etc.

Brass: H59/3602/2604/H62/ etc.


Stainless Steel:201/202/303/304/316/412 etc.

Steel Alloy: Carbon Steel/Die Steel etc.

Other Special Materials: Lucite/Nylon/Bakelite/Plastic etc.
Various kinds of materials can be chosen, we can produce

according to your requirement.

Surface Treatment: Anodizing/Black Oxide/Electroplating/Heat Treating/Brushing

Grinding/Polishing/Painting/Powder Coating/Nickel Plating.

Inspection tooling: Outer Micrometer, Inside Micrometer (Machine), Digimatic Micrometer,

Internal Micrometer, Mechanical Caliper, Vernier Caliper, Caliper (Digital),

Calipe (Machine), Caliper (Dial), diameter Scale, Depth Micrometer,

Digital Caliper, Altitude Gauge, Electric Balance, 2D Measurement Inspection Instruments etc.

QC: Incoming material will be checked carefully before production.

Strict processing quality control.

100% inspection before shipment.



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