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How to Check A CNC machining company In China,Is it real Factory or Trade Company?


Identifying a suitable China CNC machining company can seem daunting, but there are a few steps that can be taken before settling on a chosen partner.

Certifications are one way to assess the suitability of a company. ISO certifications in particular are a good guideline for identifying competent CNC machining companies, although they will not inform you of the scope of a company’s abilities.
Word of mouth is another helpful way to build a shortlist of potential Chinese CNC companies. Talk to other hardware companies who have contracted manufacturers in the region and find out their experiences working with third parties.
Demand information from shortlisted companies before making a decision. Once you have established a point of contact, keep asking questions until you are satisfied that the company knows how to execute your project. If they cannot give you a clear answer, they probably aren’t a suitable partner.
Visit factories if at all possible. This is perhaps not feasible for small companies, but visiting CNC machining facilities in China is probably the best way to assess which companies are the most suitable for a project. In some cases, it may be possible to hire a manufacturing agent to arrange visits to multiple sites in a given region.
Send Rfr to find out how much a company will charge. A request for quotation isn’t something you need to save for your final chosen company. If you send the RfQ to several shortlisted Chinese CNC machining companies, you’ll get a good idea of who can offer the best price.
Timeline – Time is precious in every business and it cannot be compromised at any cost. Delivering products to the consumers on time will determine your efficiency and further deals. So, you should ask your manufacturing team about proficiency in terms of the timeline of completion of projects. A reliable company will explain it thoroughly to you without any hesitation. Even you should be more focused on this point.
Technology- A professional manufacturing company always has the latest technology and different CNC turning and milling machines to involve in this process. They always go with the ever-growing advances in technology and inventions. Also, they have the best team to operate these machines effectively. We would say that when you have a company with the latest technology and extremely skilled professionals for your required CNC turned and milled parts, you won’t need to look further.
Quality Control – You need to get to know about a company’s CNC machining quality control. You can ask them for complete detail on the quality and efficiency of their parts. Many companies have their quality control section to ensure the best results at any cost. Make sure your company can able to provide you with performance details.
Superior customer Service – This factor is yet another important consideration. When a manufacturing company will ensure superior customer service, it will also ensure your own performance and client satisfaction as a business owner. In this case, you need to thoroughly discuss with your supplier and they must agree to deliver you with adapted CNC machining services in China that can meet your needs.

Things to remember when ordering CNC machining parts from China
If you have previously used a domestic contractor to fulfill a CNC machining project, then ordering from China should not be greatly different. However, there are a few unique considerations to keep in mind.

Communicate using universal standards: Ideally, you will want to work with a CNC machining China specialist like 3ERP whose staff can easily communicate in English. Nonetheless, translation issues can arise. To mitigate this problem, be sure to submit a complete technical drawing with your digital files to remove any ambiguity.
Ask that your partner sign a non-disclosure agreement: Intellectual property is something that scares many customers away from working with Chinese manufacturers. And while IP law is gradually changing, it is good practice to sign an NDA with the CNC machining company that legally prevents the company from disclosing or reusing your designs.
Factor in shipping times: For prototypes and low-volume orders, Chinese companies can often use priority air mail to deliver your parts within days. For larger quantities and physically larger parts, it may be necessary to use shipping services, which can result in longer wait times than domestic orders. Be sure to discuss shipping times with the manufacturer if you are working to a tight deadline.
Factor in currency conversion, if applicable: Most Chinese CNC machining companies will accept payment in various currencies, including the US dollar, but there may still be extra fees involved if sending an international wire transfer. Discuss the situation with the manufacturer and your bank if you have any concerns.


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