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Aluminum Alloy Flag Pole

Aluminum Alloy Flag Pole Rings 360° Rotating


Free Rotating Mounting Rings
The mounting rings have a

Aluminum Alloy Flag Pole
Aluminum Alloy Flag Pole

rotating anti-wrap ring, It allows flags to fly freely in the direction of the wind, and preventing the flag from wrapping around the flagpole.High Quality Aluminum Alloy
Lightweight, durable, no rust, no fading, no deformation, no cracking. They can adapt to a variety of harsh environments!

With Two Carabiners Design
Designed for flags with grommets, Comes With Two Carabiners, Hanging the Carabiner between the flagpole ring hole and the flag grommet, for connecting the flagpole and flag.

Compatible Flagpole Diameter
The screw is adjustable, specifically designed for 0.75-1.02 inch outside diameter flag poles. Please Note: More than 1.02 inches outside diameter of the flagpole can not be used.

Easy to Install
1. Position the first rotating ring under the ball on the top of the flagpole, then tighten it. Attach the top grommet of the flag to the hanging buckle located on the mounting ring.
2. Position the second rotating ring in the necessary position of the flagpole, then tighten it. Attach the bottom grommet of the flag to the hanging buckle located on the another mounting ring.

Install Note
Please pay attention to install direction, Be sure to keep installation as described in picture.



Drawings (CAD, STP, PDF formats) or Sample

Quantities; Materials; tolerance; surface treatment or other special requirements

Our engineer can offer technique supports to design or modify drawings according to requirements from customers


Lead Time:

Sample Lead Time: 3~7 days

Production Lead Time: 10~30 days based on different products

Shipment time: 7 days with DHL/FEDEX/UPS; 20 days with fast Ocean shipment; 30~45 days with Normal Ocean Shipment


Quality Guarantee:

We have IQC inspect all raw materials at incoming department

IPQC inspect and measure the machining parts during mass production

OQC inspect and measure the finished products according to Drawings and SIP documents with MIL-STD-105E

We guarantee all products/parts comply with drawing and other quality criteria requirements on the contract and approval documents, will rework all defect products or refund to customers if receive non-good products.

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